Ideas for office lighting

Ideas for office lighting



Choose the right light

Color temperature

Simply put, the lower the color temperature, the warmer the color, which is reddish; conversely, the higher the color temperature, the cooler it is, which is bluish.

Just give a simple example:

The working area is suitable for white light with a color temperature of about 5000K, and the leisure area is suitable for yellow light with a color temperature of about 3000K.

The color rendering of white light is more realistic, the contrast of illumination is larger, it tends to sunlight, and the color temperature is cooler, so it is suitable for lighting for work purposes. The ambient light source is brighter and clearer, which can boost the spirit;

Because of its color temperature, yellow light has a visual warmth and has less lighting contrast, making it suitable for shaping interpersonal relationships and atmosphere.


Illumination refers to the luminous flux of visible light received by the unit area of the illuminated surface. The unit is lux, 1ux=1 lumen/square meter. We often talk about whether the working desktop is bright enough, which usually refers to whether the illumination is sufficient. In the case of the same area, the higher the luminous flux of the light source, that is, the higher the lumen value, the higher the illumination will be. Generally speaking, if the lighting environment is required to be bright and clear, the illumination requirements will be higher.

The state stipulates that the illumination in office areas should not be less than 300lux. The general space illumination brightness is not less than 100lux, and the local lighting brightness is not less than 600lux.

Choose the right lamp

Linear strip lighting

Desks in most companies have a rectangular design, in which case strip lights (flat panels, panel lights, linear lights) are most suitable. Moreover, such light has high brightness without being too dazzling, and the illuminated area is uniform.

Round/Square lamps

Leisure areas generally choose round lights. The brightness of the lighting here is not so important. The main thing is that the light is soft and can make people relax. Compared with angular office furniture, round shape and square backlit panel light can also soften the atmosphere of the space.

Lighting requirements for different areas

Front desk

The front desk of every company is the face of the company, and it is the area where the corporate image is displayed. Therefore, in addition to the lighting fixtures providing a certain amount of illumination, the design also requires diversified lighting styles to increase the sense of design and make the lighting design consistent with the corporate image.

Open office area

The open office area, which currently accounts for the largest proportion of office space, cannot be set up in a location without natural lighting. In terms of lighting, uniformity and comfort should be combined as design principles. Lighting fixtures are usually arranged at a uniform spacing, and corresponding lighting fixtures are used in combination with functional areas on the ground. Strip lights (flat panels, panels, linear lights) and ip65 led downlights are often used in workbench areas to evenly light the workspace and reduce glare.

Personal office

A personal office is a small space, so the brightness of the ceiling lighting fixtures is not that important. Personal offices should use natural light as much as possible, because natural light is the light source most suitable for human eyes, and working under natural light is the most comfortable.

Conference room

For conference room lighting, the lighting above the conference table should be considered as the main lighting. To make people feel concentrated, the illumination should be appropriate and auxiliary lighting can be added around.