Best Things To Do In The UAE This Summer


Since its independence in 1971, UAE has grown at a rapid rate. Today, it is one of the business hubs of the world and the UAE’s story can easily be the greatest success story over the past 50 years. Tourism already covers approximately 13% of the total GDP. Visiting UAE during the summers is an excellent opportunity to experience the country differently. The weather is hot, but it has its charm. The locals are always happy and welcoming, and there are plenty of activities you can do during this time of the year.

Outdoor Summer Events

Even though UAE is a deserted place, its use of innovation allows visitors to enjoy a cool outdoor experience even in the dazzling sun.

At Dubai’s Aquaventure waterpark, there are more than 30 water slides and a variety of aquatic animals including friendly sharks that you can swim and play with. You can also visit the Hatta village for various activities like mountain riding, hiking, waterslides and kayaking at the Hatta Dam. Your summer tour isn’t complete if you did not visit Dubai Creek. It links the sea with the desert giving an astonishing view. The breezy weather, street shows and a peaceful cruise in the sea makes Dubai Creek a great summer attraction.  

The UAE’s famous camel racing is a unique summer activity, which begins in June and lasts until September. It is even possible for those with patience and courage to get up close to the event and experience it from the racers’ perspective. Other events include camel riding, falconry, horseback riding tours and photography exhibitions featuring Arabian horses. For those interested in the region’s culture and its history, a visit to an oasis town like Al Ain offers an insight into traditional life. The old city is set around a dusty central square where food is sold from stalls and buildings that feature old conventional architectural designs.

Indoor Summer Events

With the use of modern technology and investments, UAE offers a once in a lifetime indoor experience. You can enjoy the following indoor places and activities in UAE:

  1. Ski Dubai: make your dream of spending a cold winter day in the middle of a desert come true.
  2. The Green Planet: An indoor rainforest which is home to over 3000 plants and animals.
  3. Chillout Ice Lounge: Benches, Entrance, Sculptures and more, everything made of ice.
  4. Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium: A closer interaction with the amazing marine life including king croc and sharks.
  5. Warner Bros. World: A fun and adventure-themed park by Warner Bros. in Abu Dhabi where you’ll meet your favourite characters like the Looney Tunes and Tom n Jerry

These were some of the best indoor and outdoor places and activities that you can enjoy this summer in the UAE. Although there is a lot more on offer, that will require a lifetime to explore and explain. Once you have visited this beautiful place, you will surely plan a second trip.